Love Yer Brain. Flaming Lips Objects.

Love Yer Brain. Flaming Lips Objects.

Wayne CoyneTo call Wayne Coyne a modern day renaissance man wouldn’t properly convey the scope of what he does. First and foremost, he is the lead singer of the psychedelic freakout band The Flaming Lips. For years he has silkscreened multi-colored freaky posters for their shows. Often times he ends up using his own blood as ink.

Recently he has started to make what he calls Flaming Lips Objects, abbreviated as Flobs. These Flaming Lips Objects are varied in what they actually are and Coyne has never really said what qualifies as one. He sells them in various different Oklahoma art galleries and sometimes even gives them away over twitter. A fascination with skulls seems to be an overlying theme throughout the Flobs. Many of the posters include them as well as his 3d pieces. One way he has been releasing music is through what he calls a gummy skull. Exactly what it sounds like. A strawberry skull made of the same stuff as gummy bears. In the center of the brain (marijuana flavored) there is a usb flash drive with new Flaming Lips tracks on it.

Currently an old warehouse in downtown Oklahoma City is being psychedelically painted and cryptically renovated by Wayne Coyne and artist Maya Hayuk. Wayne has said that it will be an art space called  “The Womb.” One would imagine that the Flaming Lips Objects will play a major role.

The Flaming Lips Objects don’t come cheap. Some of his bleeding skulls are upwards of $500 and the gummy skulls are more than $100. I hold the belief that art should be accesible. High costs don’t really  help in that regard. At the same time though, Coyne pours the money back into creating new and exciting off-the-wall projects that keep me entertained and inspired. Hard to put a monetary value on that.

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  1. God, I would pay so much money for that keyboard! Long live Wayne.

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