Eigenharp: Instrument Of The Future

Eigenharp alpha and pico

Eigenharp alpha and picoMove over theramin, whatever touch-screen guitar, there’s a new futuristic instrument in town, and it’s blowing you out of the water.

The Eigenharp, coming out of Eigenlabs in the UK, is a new instrument released in 2009 after eight years of development. It’s both a wind instrument and a percussion instrument, acting like a string instrument, too.

It comes equipped with velocity-sensitive keys, which also act as little joysticks, so you can pitch and modulate each sound. There’s a mouthpiece for wind control, and it works with computer software. Larger models come with percussion keys and a built-in sequencer.

It comes in three sizes; Alpha, Tau and Pico, decreasing in size respectively, and the blog Accelor8or claimed it’s existence signifies the end of musical instrument development.

Basically, we can’t go any farther than this.

As soon as I heard it, I started thinking how awesome it would be if someone like Daft Punk, Moby or Jack White got their hands on it. This is basically the coolest instrument ever, and all the musical geniuses alive today should be given one, for our benefit. Also, someone buy me one?


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