Brain-Computer Interfaces: Not Science Fiction

How brain-computer interfaces work.

How brain-computer interfaces work.Here at Fresh Wet Paint, we’re obsessed with the future (at least, I am). Anything about robots or cyborgs is bound to get me pumped and stoked and every excited adjective on the market.

I can’t wait until scientists inject nano-bots into my bloodstream so I can fight off bacteria that doesn’t even exist yet, or ever better, right into my skull so I can download whatever information I feel like comprehending, or back-up my entire memory and personal traits onto a cloud system and live forever.

Theoretically speaking.

And while that may sound like some sort of crazed science fiction, it really isn’t. According to Ray Kurzweill, the man Bill Gates said is the best at predicting the future, we’re gonna start seeing shit like this in as little as 20 years or so.

One day, whether you like it or not, technologically-enhanced humans, like me, are going to be able to communicate with one another telepathically (this is already on the Pentagon’s budget) and even control things on the opposite side of the world, like other computers and machines, with only a thought.

The key to all this jazz is brain-computer interface technology. Basically, surgeons put a computer chip in your brain, which then picks up on your electrical impulses (because, let’s not forget, we are just computers running on human OS V1.0) and transmits that information to a receiver outside your body. All of a sudden, you’re doing shit with your mind only a Jedi is supposed to do.

But what about right now? Just because you’re not a cyborg yet, doesn’t mean we aren’t well on our way to the future.

For instance, these German researchers have successfully created a device which allows one to drive a car hands free, totally thought-controlled. Now can we talk on our cell phones and drive?


But not all brain-computer interfaces have to be practical. Look at these mind-controlled kitty ears from Japan. Of course Japan takes mind-blowing technology and turns it into another way to make pretty girls looks like anime characters.


Now, aren’t you excited for a brighter tomorrow?

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