Big Gigantic: It Only Gets Bigger From Here

Big Gigantic

Big GiganticBig Gigantic, the fearsome twosome from Boulder, Colo., was one of my favorite performances at this year’s Hangout Music Fest. These guys are making some of the sexiest, shoulder-jerkinest sax-step on the scene, and their live shows are consistently something to talk about for days.

They’ve come through Gainesville a few times and have made huge fans out of Floridians and national bass junkies alike. Their tearing through the summer festival tour circuit, playing sets at Wakarusa, Electric Forest, All Good and Electric Zoo.

It seems evident these guys are about to be your favorite band, if they aren’t already.

Fresh Wet Paint was able to catch up with the guys in Gulf Shores, Ala., the guys being sax-player/producer Dominic Lalli and drummer Jeremy Salken. They said it’s been awesome getting to travel and bring their personal brand of funky, hip-hop infused electro to the masses.

“We feel super lucky,” Lalli said. “We’re super happy to be able to get out there in front of  a bunch of people and a bunch of friends and do our thing.”

The crowd at Hangout was certainly happy to have them. They brought it hard right from the first drop and kept feeding the dancers steady beats the entirety of the set. They played a healthy mix of Big G originals like Lucid Dreams and High and Rising, and dope remixes like I Need A Dollar and a new one of Kanye’s Get Em High. That tent was going bonkers for sure.

“We try and put ourselves out there and throw as much energy as we can,” Salken said. “Then, when it’s reciprocated by the crowd, it’s like a snowball … all of a sudden everyone’s got their hands in the air.”

It’s that kind of crowd response which keeps them going strong, building a loyal fan base wherever they go.

“We put a lot of work into what we’re doing,” Salken said. “We put all our energy into this thing so it’s great to feel that reciprocation from the crowd, from the fans. If they’re feeling it, we get more psyched and get more creative.”

Big Gigantic in Gainesville

Big Gigantic in Gainesville

What they’re creating is a potent blend of traditional musical instruments with all the boom boom and untz untz the kids these days are craving. Salken blasts away on the drums, driving the tempo and laying down an unstoppable beat. Lalli meanwhile blares on his saxophone, plays the synth and cues up the production.

“I feel like a lot of it is having that organic element. That’s what we love about the stuff we do,” Selkin said. “You’re physically tweaking these knobs and effecting the wave signs to make it sound like how you want it to, and it’s got a really, really organic feel. Honestly, that’s the way to go.”

The live instrumentation adds a new level of dynamics to the familiar and popular electro sound, allowing the guys to foster a unique, melodic flavor.

“It adds some life, some breath into it,” Lalli said. “We can take a regular track … and make it really soft and build it, and it really makes the whole song breath.”

We talked a bit about the scene in Colorado, a place that brimming over with new live acts such as Pretty Lights and Paper Diamond. Big G said their home has been a great place for them to come alive creatively, working alongside these artists to push the whole scene forward.

“There’s so much going on,” Lalli said. “Everyone comes to perform there and all of us all go to see them play, whatever night of the week . We have a real tight-knit community of fans and producers … probably somewhere down the road we’ll all be collabing.”

Right now, the boys are focusing on finishing; finishing their epic summer tour, putting together a brand new, epic stage set-up, and finishing a brand new album set to be released this fall.

“(We’re) trying to keep developing our sound, keep growing,” Lalli said. “Keep developing a thing that, when you hear it you go, ‘Oh this must be Big Gigantic.’”

Keep going guys, keep going.

Big Gigantic – High And Rising

Big Gigantic – Lucid Dreams

I Need A Dollar (Big Gigantic Remix)


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