A Kid Named B. Brown

B. Brown
B. BrownB. Brown, or Ace as we sometimes call him, is a motherfuckin’ badass who makes trill hip hop for kids who like swagger, style and gettin’ it wet. His flow is murderous and his lines are fresh, and as a person he’s realer than real deal Holyfeild.

Born in Brooklyn, he’s now finishing his degree up at the University of Florida (cause not only is he fly, he’s a smart dude, too). Us Gainesvillians are blessed with his presence every Saturday as he MCs the hottest night in town, Neon Liger.

His shit kinda makes me think of the G.O.O.D. Music crew, worthwhile and fun to listen to. He fits those syllables in, this is no slow versed strip hop. He’s got a good measure of classic braggadocio, but he blends it in with humble meanderings about life as a youngin’ on the edge, love in modern times and, of course, futuristic pimp shit.

He’s opened for the likes of David Banner, Bone Thugs, Wale, J. Cole, B.O. B, Kid Cudi, Whole Wheat Bread, and Method Man and Redman. Yeah, I know, nothing to sneeze at. Basically, he’s destined for greatness, so you can impress all your friends now and tell them you’ve been on it from the beginning. You’re welcome.

Check out these original tracks, and look out for his album, The Brenton Brown Affair, coming soon. Oh, and read his blog, cause he’s on that shit like a monster and it’s mad necessary for hip hop fans everywhere.

B. Brown – Peep The Sneaks

B. Brown feat. Gotham Green – We On Mars

B. Brown – Love Changes (feat. Hollywood Floss)

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