Time to Make Moves.

Time to Make Moves.

I Survived The Rapture and All I Got Was this Fucking t-Shirt.

Greetings all you Paint Huffers. So this is probably one of my last posts I’ll be doing while I’m still in Flori-duh. Next week, I’ll be expanding our brand as well as my DJ career by making the big leap of faith with a move to Chicago. Do not fear fellow Floridians, I will be doing a weekly show every Monday night on our Ustream from 10-12 so you can still get your weekly JeRK fix. As it saddens me to leave so many good friends behind in our raging town of debauchery, the big city offers so much more culture. Better music, bigger art, and brighter fashion, which is great for all of you that follow us here at Wet Paint, cause thats what we do.

When me & Kat started Wet Paint, we never imagined that our little webchild would grow up so fast. We have added more writers, thrown some epic parties, attended every event you wish you could have been at, and met some of the coolest people on the earth. I would just like to personally thank each and every one of you that has shown us love over the past year and half, and with that i leave you a gift… A brand new mix full of what i do best….which is rape your ear canals. This mix is full of bangers, has its funky groovy moments, and soul. And best of all NO DUBSTEP. hah. enjoy.

You Can download by clicking the arrow on the right or you can download here:

aka Joel Richard Kienitz, is the co-founder of Fresh Wet Paint. He currently lives in Chicago and works in marketing and music. Soundcloud page


  1. take care of my daughter pwease!! :-)

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