The Dreamworld Of Os Gêmeos

Lately, I can’t seem to stop  myself from getting carried away by the art of São Paulo, Brazil, street artists Os Gêmeos. Os Gêmeos is Portugese for “The Twins.” Identical brothers Otavio and Gustavo Pandolfo have been painting on the streets of São Paulo since 1987. Their unique style is heavily influenced by the color of traditional hip-hop graffiti and the Pixação movement.

Dream-like is a descriptor you could use for their art. You could probably also get away with massive, psychedelic and nostalgic. Os Gêmeos beautifully perverts the human form into their liking and then places it six-stories tall right on the side of someone’s apartment.

It seems almost every artist I’ve posted about has started expanding to installation pieces, and Os Gêmeos are no exception to this. Their installations work with the spacial aspects of a building rather than just staying in the second dimension. This is a theme they have been exploring on the streets almost since they began painting. Os Gêmeos’ work has been influential in the formation of an urban art culture in Brazil. Their work summarizes the movement quite well: big and loud.

Photos provided by The Deitch Gallery.

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