Sip My Ocean: The Environments of Pipilotti Rist

Pippilotti Rist makes art that is bigger than you. While the Swiss artist has recently directed a feature-length film and is well-known for her photography and graphic design, she is most widely known for her audio-visual instillations.

Using constantly evolving video projection systems to present her artistic visualizations, she crafts environments inside a variety of galleries; a cathedral, apartments and an aquarium. Upon entering her spaces you are more than likely encouraged to take off your shoes. Images of blood, tulips, apples and grass are recurring throughout almost all of her work.

Rist states that the environments she creates are meant to conform to the inhabitant. The space holds no singular meaning or purpose. You are invited to do whatever you please once inside. Whether that is mediating, screaming or just laying there being swallowed up by it.

Pipilotti Rist’s work speaks to that dreamy July side of you that is still fascinated with crawling around in the grass and getting sticky with sugar. She is constantly expanding the technology behind her art as well as the scope and actualization of it.

Images provided by Luhring Augustine.

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