RJD2 in Gainesville and Smoke in the Air

RJD2 live in GainesvilleWednesday, April the 20th, was the day Gainesville stopped. The streets were alive and littered with party-zombies, just bodies no brains, shouting for beer and reaching for yet another bowl. Definitely one of the biggest party-nights without having won a National Championship I’ve taken part of.

Besides it being every stoner’s favorite holiday (and Gainesville has a few of those), it was also the last day of classes for University students (and Gainesville has a few of those, too is practically nothing else).  To top it off, Pretty Lights was throwing a show on campus, followed by two after-parties right across the street from one another. Frat boys and girls could blow their minds to the bass-booming Savoy, and high-as-fuck hipsters could jam out to the soulful beat-matching of funk master RJD2.

The Pretty Lights show was rather legit to look at, but strange in the sort of way only a campus-sponsored rave can be. There’s no beer on UF’s campus, so no drinking, and kids dancing in the aisles were immediately barked at by giant bouncers. Also, DJ Derek Smith is rolling sans drummer these days, and though the lights are fucking pretty and the set is nasty, I miss the human boom boom.

I left that beast a little early because I had to run over to the RJD2 show. Wet Paint’s own JeRK played a ridiculous, dance floor-smashing opening set and got the crowd ready and rocking for RJ to take the stage.

That man is a genius. I watched him get down, running back and forth like a mad man behind four turntables and the coolest mixer I’ve ever seen, an Akai MPC that looks like old-school Donkey Kong level 1. Yeah, bomb. RJ is like, the coolest dad you’ve ever seen in his khaki shorts and sensible running shoes. A bona-fide time-keeping blur as he flipped to the record collection poised on a chair behind him, back to one of the decks in front to place it down, then lean across all four suddenly to loop that record just in time. WTF, give this man an applause.

But let’s do the Reading Rainbow and I’ll say “don’t take my word for it.” Check out this video our boy Chase made of the performance. You won’t regretsies.

RJD2 @ The Venue on 4:20 from Chase Walks on Vimeo.


  1. What happened to the interview?

  2. Thanks for calling me out. I’ll write it up when I’m done with all my EDC posts. I promise.

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