Oh You! the Spring Mix from GPS in 2011

Oh You! cover art

GPS at FWP Presents

Fresh Wet Paint proudly presents the newest mix from our own residential DJ, blogger and all around funneh guy, GPS.

“Oh You!” is an hour’
s worth of funky, nasty, upbeat jams perfect for chillin at the beach, getting ready to party, hitting the open road on a massive trans-American adventure to find yourself, or any other obvious spring activity the young kids are doing these days that includes forgetting responsibility and making bad decisions. This is a life-living soundtrack, clearly.

Our lil bro had this to say about his mixing:

[box] “The main goal in every mix I make is to use a bunch of tracks I personally love at the time of recording. Sure, most DJs have the “popular” songs that smash clubs, so I want to use mixtapes to introduce new great songs that people would not normally hear.”[/box]

That’s what we’re all about here at Wet Paint. Exposure – preferably of body parts. So listen to this shit and get naked. Ya herd?

GPS “Oh You!” Spring Mix 2011

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