Long, Italian Plastic Toys

Long, Italian Plastic Toys

Hailing from Rome, Italy, 12 Inch Plastic Toys is “what happens when a sexual pervert producer (Toy #1) meets an hipster porn-poet bassist (Toy #2). Both of them have two mutual interest: music and pussy, so they thought to match together and start an electro project that involves… well… music and pussy”… per their bio. I have been following them for about a year now and have yet to be disappointed. Fidget seems to be their main sound and do a quality work on all of there releases. With support from the likes of Congorock, Far Too Loud, Gain on Top and many, many more, these long plastic toys seem to have escaped your local adult store and will soon be in a home near you!

Top picks:

Eifel 65 – I’m Blue (12 Inch Plastic Toys Remix)

Kavinski – Nightcall (12 Inch Plastic Toys Remix)

Indiekid – A City Never Sleeps (12 Inch Plastic Toys Remix)

Be sure to check out their fan page and releases on Beatport!

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