Wow, Gainesville Fashion Week, HOT DAMN.

Saturday night was the closing of Gainesville Fashion Week 2011, and I had to keep reminding myself of where I was. From start to finish, this display of creativity in fashion dropped jaws to the floor. It was the fourth season of GFW and I know we can expect amazing things from them in the future. Click here to read my review of GFW 2011′s opening night.

The evening started out sexy with a tropical collection by Sironna Swimwear.

The suits were vibrant and full of texture, both aspects I always look for when it’s time to face the heat and lose the porcelain doll look.

Following this was the Gainesville debut of Chris Cardi Couture, a designer from Miami. The collection was a crisp approach to American prep, its key slogan being “Live Fresh, Die Spoiled.” Floppy hats, woven baskets, duffel bags and plenty of branding were all continuously utilized.

In a funky transition from prep to retro, vintage retailer Whitley Denise brought the runway to life with a high energy, soulful collection. Everything from silk shorts, bright patterns, tailored jumpsuits to beaded details strutted down the catwalk with groovy funky tunes playing the whole way down.

One of the most captivating collections of the night was by New York designer Mikho. Named Constructed, this line began with a a gripping video that set the tone for this modern, twisted display of industrial designs.

I had remembered the same unique, innovative influence from Mikho’s swimsuit collection last year at GFW. The transition from swimsuits to RTW was flawless. Every look felt like sophisticated chaos, using chunky scarves, ripped tights, and plenty of leather. One aspect I appreciate most in runway fashion is presentation, and Mikho has exquisite, atmospheric execution. The music, lighting, and design left an impression on me as I witnessed this inventive collection.

The evening turned from edgy to sexy, when CO2 blasted into the air and new, local boutique Three Thirty Couture debuted their line of intimate undergarments and form fitting RTW.

Three Thirty Couture recently opened their boutique in Gainesville’s own Butler Plaza. GFW producer Gwen Rahn describes the local boutique as a “dream closet,” and the presentation was exciting and full of life from start to finish.

The most anticipated collection of the evening was cofounder of GFW BobbyK‘s Kontrol. The energy in the air was magnetic, and you could tell that everyone there was expecting something grand. As the lights came up, and the first model started down the runway, the tension in the air almost exploded.

Applause for this structured, color blocked sexy collection was almost nonstop. People screamed with excitement and they had plenty of reason. BobbyK’s line was sophisticated and every model who sauntered down the runway tried to hide just how giddy they were to be a canvas that displays this work of fashion brilliance.

Some dresses might have been a little too short, but this was a minor hiccup in comparison to the intricate detail of lines and color in many of his eye popping looks.

BobbyK’s collection will go up for sale online any day now, and you can be sure that I will be parading one of those dresses all over downtown sometime soon. BobbyK is also be partnering up with local boutique Three Thirty Couture to do designs for clothing lines they will feature in store. In addition to designing his own lines for them, he will act as a mentor to up and coming local designers who want to design clothes for the boutique.

To read how BobbyK got his start in the wonderful world of fashion design check out Kat’s interview here.

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