Then In The Beyond, Brian Chippendale

Brian ChippendaleMusician and Cartoonist Brian Chippendale’s brain is a lysergic colorscape…populated by ninjas, your childhood, and kittens. Even just looking at one of his elaborately cross-hatched and chaotic comix panels can cause your dominant hand to feel, well, a little strange. Brian Chippendale was an original founder of the now-defunct Providence, Rhode Island warehouse art collective referred to as Fort Thunder. He most frequently uses self-published underground comix as his visual medium but also creates massive silk-screen prints.

Reading his most recent 800-page epic comic book, If ‘n’ Oof is often a disorienting yet enthralling experience. His work seers itself into your brain by finding one element and repeating the pattern ad nauseam until it starts to make you feel dizzy.

Always colorful, sometimes disgusting, and often enlightening; his work is captivating and introspective.

Photos provided by Gallery Agniel and Picturebox .

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