(((shwex))) gives us the music of our dreams.

A few weeks ago I met this music producer online. He goes by (((shwex))), he told me that he just released an EP. I had time so I decided to check it out. I am very, very thankful that I did. I went in expecting some standard dance tunes, but I ended up getting something totally different … something special. What I heard is something I can only describe to others as “the music that you would find in your best dreams.” I do not mean that in the sense that it is some amazing music (well, it is), but I mean it in the sense that it just makes you think in a way as if you are the perfect dream. (((shwex))) labels it as “Dream” and “Dreamflow” on his soundcloud, and for all I know his thoughts on it can be totally different from mine. Either way though, I can safely say that this is the most thought-provoking, beautiful pieces of music that I have ever heard.

You can download (as well as donate directly to (((shwex))) ) the EP here. His soundcloud has a few more tracks as well.

Here are all some of the tracks of the EP, I recommend listening with your eyes closed, so you can try to develop some thoughts around them.

(((shwex))) – As the River Flows

(((shwex))) – Falling Into Place

(((shwex))) – Observance

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