It Happened Again at Neon Liger

Wet Paint girls dressed as neon ligersIn honor of Wet Paint’s favorite weekly in Gainesville, Fla., here is a little promo video for Neon Liger shot by the one-and-only Mr. 650 of Atlanta. (Also, check out his video for Tallahassee’s best party, Menace Beach, here)

BONUS: A poem, partially inspired by the debauchery of Liger itself. If you watch the video and don’t read the poem, you fail.

Le Neon Liger 2011 from Kyle Neary on Vimeo.

It happened again.

They come out of the woodwork these creatures.
They slither their way to the dancefloor, which is fucking covered in booze. They’re all fucking covered in booze.
They all fucking cover each other.
The nubile young bodies go:
Shake shake
Drop pop
Sniff sniff
“What? I’m awake.”
Harder, better, faster-
Eye-fucking the shit out of this one dude.
And some people are slouching in the corner, and some people are slouching at the bar, and some people are jumping on the benches, and some people are making a ruckus in the front, and some people are thinking about fucking, and some people are getting violent, and the rest are just smoking on the porch outside in little people-circles.
Talk talk talking and licking their lips furiously.
You can always tell the ones from a mile away.
“Okay, now do something crazy!”
Wondering what that’s gonna look like later for, umm, two seconds.
Go inside and pay your dues.
And then when the curfew comes, you break that shit, because the party isn’t over sucker, it’s just beginning.
Pshh – There are no bed times in this town.
So you take a drive and maybe you stop for some beverage but, other than that, it’s left at the North Star and straight on till morning.

Tonight was one of those nights.

Doesn’t that look/sound dope as fuck? If you’re in Gainesville this weekend, be sure to check out this Saturday’s Liger, a special edition celebration on graduation day, featuring Wet Paint’s very own JeRK!

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