Diplo Attacks Tally, Caught On Tape


DiploDiplo was all up in Tallanasty last week at the 20/20 club, conveniently located across the street from my friend’s house (editor’s note: this means I could get trashed).

In case you didn’t know, Diplo is the man. His set at 20/20 convinced me he can mix anything into anything. During his two-hour set, he played everything from hip-hop, to nu disco, to dubstep to moombahton (okay, lots of moombahton).

I mean, he literally went from some latin bass jam, to AC/DC to La Roux like it was nothing. He mixed Rusko into Roscoe Dash. He blended Pretty Boy Swag with We Are Your Friends, and it was good.

The venue was pretty legit. Diplo stood in the middle of the main room dancefloor on his own little DJ island, surrounded on all sides by raging, sweaty bros and bitches. Chandeliers hung from the cieling, because every club needs a little class, and naked girls covered in glow paint danced in front of the decks for our amusement.

Diplo played beyond city’s 2 a.m. shut-down hour by about half an hour, and finished his set with Regulate by Warren G and the late, great Nate Dogg, RIP. Bless his little heart, he tried to give it up and sing the FSU fight song, but he kinda ruined it…

At least he knows what he’s doing on the decks. Srsly.

Here’s a video for y’all that couldn’t make it. Wet Paint crew makes  a lil cameo, see if you can spot us! And check out our boy Chase’s work for more visual goodies.


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