Tom Bingham’s Ugly Portraits

Tom Bingham

Money has next to nothing to do with why we reach out and attempt to finger the pleasure center of your brain. We’re here because we want to be. It’s mutually satisfying. We’re your internet girlfriend who gives head because sometimes she just likes to start the day by sucking dick. I’ve heard that happens to real guys sometimes.

I love what I do and why we do it, so I think it all balances out. My job at the blog is to sift through a seemingly endless amount of crappy art until I find something I like. In that respect, I’m like a prospector. In another respect I’m like the force of natural selection. I pick things to post based on a whim, entirely predicated on what makes ME feel relevant. The rest, for lack of a better vernacular, can go to hell.

That kind of power can make a man sick.

So that leads me into today’s post. Ugly  portraits by Tom Bingham. There isn’t anything insightful I would like to say about them, besides that they make me giggle and are some of the worst things I’ve ever seen. Which means I really actually like it. Here’s hoping you do, too.

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  1. This pretty much looks like farts.

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