SquntoI would like to introduce Squnto, birth-name Eric Roth. Hailing from Holliston, Mass., this guy has been churning out the filthy tunes.

He got signed to Mutism Recordings a few weeks ago. Look forward to a full release March 2nd on Beatport and all major sites. Be sure to check out other tunes on his Soundcloud!

Oh yeah, he is 16 by the way. First xKore, now Squnto?! These young producers are wreaking my ears to say the least, and they are not even old enough to call toll-free numbers!

Squnto – High Price (skip to 1:40 to have your mind blown)

Squnto – Combo Breaker

GPS is a co-owner and editor at Fresh Wet Paint, resides in Miami, and kinda likes music. Stalk him on Twitter.

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  1. This pretty much sounds like farts.

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