Shohei Hakuchi Draws East Meets West Meets Motorcycle Gang


Fresh Wet Paint fucking loves Japan.

Sorry, I just got done looking through Japanese artist Shohei Hakuchi’s website and felt that needed to be said. It’s like, every time I feel Japan may just be this weird little country where they make poop-taking mascots for multi-billion dollar companies and cartoons where characters kill each other in the name of friendship, I see something like this and I remember why as a kid I thought Japan was the bee’s knees.

Look at that shit. Funny, bad-ass, sinister and cool as fuck. This is the kind of diesel-chugging, leather death farting, new Tokyo acid underground that makes mainstream Japanese cover their eyes and American kids wank off. Usually I wouldn’t bother posting ballpoint art unless it had a cool twist, but I am really digging the way Hakuchi mashes eastern and western pop culture.

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