Remizov’s Eco Hotel Of The Future

Remizov's floating hotel

Remizov's floating hotelNoah never had it this good.

When God was all, “Dude, it’s about to get wet, build a boat you could live on for a while,” Noah did the best he could for his era, but now it’s 2k11 and humanity needs something with a bit more pizazz.

Since global warming is obviously real (deal with it people), Russian architect Alexander Remizov is heeding the calls of scientists around the world and planning for high tide. He recently released his vision for what he calls “The Ark,” a conceptual hotel that can float on water or withstand serious earthquakes while being relatively cheap and easy to build.

From the outside, it looks like a giant nautilus shell or a half-exposed, robot sandworm. Inside, it offers 151,000 square feet of living space; wind generators and heat pumps for converting solar, wind and thermal energy into electricity; and an indoor jungle to add a little climate.

I know Remizov is thinking this is good as a vacay destination, but I’m thinking we might all just want to move onto the things. Just imagine it. You’d be perpetually traveling around the globe to pick up resources/hang with friends/generally live a futuristic water-based lifestyle in a terraformed tube. What about that doesn’t sound appealing? Sign me up.

Read the original article from Spiegel Online.

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