JeRK’s 2011 Mix: Follow The Walrus

JeRK Follow The Walrus art

JeRK Follow The Walrus art

Here at Fresh Wet Paint, there’s one DJ who can really get our panties in a twist, and most of the time, he’s making faces like this. He’s eternally grillin’ cause he knows that next drop is gonna murder the dancefloor or send someone’s night on a path that only ends with a trip to CVS the next morning so they can get that Plan B pill and go their seperate ways.

He just recorded his latest live mix, coming in at about an hour. It’s the perfect mix to vibe to before going out, or for ridin down the street of your town. JeRK knows how to build you up, so he starts it off with about 20 minutes of funky, sexy tech; comes through the middle with some hot, banging house; and finishes the job with explosive, heavy bass because he knows you like it hard.

So c’mon kids, Follow The Walrus, he knows where he’s going.

Follow The Walrus – 2011 JeRK Promo Mix by JeRK

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