Happy Birthday Wet Paint: A Year in Review

Kat at Electric Zoo 2010

Kat at Electric Zoo 2010Hey y’all! We’re quickly approaching our birthday here at Wet Paint, and tout le monde knows birthdays are the shit.

In celebration of (almost) having been around for a year, we gave ourselves a hot face-lift. We’re feeling very Miami Vice this year, and anyone who doesn’t like pink and green is a communist, obvi. Get on our Art-Deco level!

It’s been a baller first-year, hasn’t it guys? When I think back on all the cool shit we covered, I get misty. Like, remember when I interviewed that skeezeball homeless dude who kept asking me about my tits? Or all the fun I had playing in the mud and drinking beer at Harvest of  Hope Dope? Remember when I took a census of the Chat Roulette population?

I’ve had the opportunity to meet some of my favorite DJs, and that never sucks. Like the time I talked with Rusko on his way back from ComicCon about how he wanted to make dubstep with mariachi bands.  There was the time I met Wolfgang Gartner, and then got pulled over with him in the car (but no one was arrested, or even fined. Meh).  And Le Castle Vania turned out to be a really cool guy when we spoke on the phone about his upcoming release.

We’ve worked tirelessly to bring you new dance music. We busted D-Cup wide open back in April, before you hated We Speak No Americano. Before we even left for WMC, we were hailing Can Blaster and, my personal favorite song, Chicken Run. And we’re still throwin on that Ugly Duck mix come 4 in the morning.

And duh, our boy JeRK released two mixes; A Hot Mess and Follow The Walrus.

And, we brought you art. Glorious, beautiful art. We taught you to rethink  shadow puppets and toilet paper rolls. We showed you our friend Max Reed’s sweet digital work, Gabriel Wickbold’s messy photography, and most recently, that ballpoints aren’t just for signing checks.

We’ve had the great opportunity to cover some awesome events, and we’ve been there with our cameras to capture the memories, which is good because after partying like we do, you can sometimes forget. Wet Paint was all over WMC in Miami and Electric Zoo in New York City. We were especially busy in our hometown of Gainesville, Fla., covering the Big and Hearty Music Fest and great shows like JFK of MSTRKRFT and Bassnectar when the big-guns came to town.

It’s been real yo, but we’re not about to let up. Our motto in 2K11 is “make this year your bitch,” and I heard this bitch likes it sticky.

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