Getting to Know Le Castle Vania: An Interview

Le Castle Vania

Le Castle VaniaAtlanta-based Dylan Eiland, better known to fans as Le Castle Vania, has made quite a name for himself in the danceworld. Since he gave up drum beating for beat matching 11 years ago, it’s been a career full of dope remixes, unique originals and energetic live sets, all while simultaneously helping to build Atlanta’s electro scene from the ground up.

Clearly, the dude’s no slacker, and he’s been mad successful. If you’ve found yourself participating in a groovy dance floor sometime in the past few years, chances are you were bustin’ moves to his beats some point in the night.

His widespread playability is owed to his range of musical influences, resulting in a catalogue of tracks that jumps genres so often it sounds more like a compilation of producers rather than the work of one guy. His sound samples everything from fun disco, like on remixes of Cee Lo’s Fuck You and the Virgin’s Rich Girls, to heavy and aggressive on Nobody Gets Out Alive and Zero Machine, and even clubby bangers like his remix of Rave Is King.

All this variety sets him apart, and it’s a quality he prides himself on when returning to the studio.

“I feel some (other DJs) forget about fans and the people that just listen to music,” Eiland said. “A lot of artists start trying to sound like the genre that they’re within because they’re trying to make music that will be played by other DJs and I don’t really give a fuck about that … A lot of the bands that I’m into are bands that just did their own thing and didn’t really sound like other bands. So I try to have the same sort of appeal with my music.”

But while Eiland is sometimes underwhelmed by his peers, he believes it’s more important to be supportive of others in the scene rather than seeing his fellow DJs as competition.

“It’s awesome anytime someone finds success, especially artists within my genre,” he said. “I think the more people that are out there listening to this genre the more opportunity they have to discover my music and for me to grow.”

He’s been helping friends find success through his own party, Fuck Yesss, which got started about three and a half years ago and has seen the likes of Harvard Bass, Kill the Noise, Designer Drugs and hometown hero Klever. Dylan said it’s not his favorite part of his job, but he keeps it going out of love and, well, necessity.

“I love my party because it’s one of the funnest parties to play, but what I love about it is playing the party, not producing it and making it happen,” he said. “I kind of do it out of necessity just because there’s not so many other good parties going on. I wouldn’t want to end it because there wouldn’t be such a cool place for all my friends to play in Atlanta.”

Eiland said that, for him, it’s all about the work done in the studio and being able to perform those songs live.

[box] “Just getting to make something that didn’t exist before you created it,” he said. “And of course like, performing is always just an amazing feeling. It’s just a blessing to be able to go out every week and play for a big crowd … and just join in celebration with all those people.”[/box]

Eiland said he doesn’t plan his sets too much before hitting the stage, preferring just to feed off the energy of the crowd. His shows are a good time with a DJ who’s not afraid to let loose and go wild, but Eiland said he doesn’t usually focus on showmanship, even though he’s got it.

“Honesly, when Im performing, I feel like almost I don’t even think at all,” he said. “It’s all on instinct. It’s just like second nature, you just go into this zone. A lot of times after Im done I don’t even remember very much about what happened.”

If you can’t make it to Atlanta to see him play, don’t worry, you’ll get your chance. This guy is always adding dates and cities to his schedule, and his upcoming shows are announced on his facebook and twitter, and can be found on his website.

And keep a look out, because Eiland said he’s got a bunch of new tracks coming out soon. At the moment, he’s deciding whether to release a full-length album or a 6- to 7-track EP. He said he’s working on some new stuff that’s “pretty out there,” adding that he’s working on getting Cedric of the Mars Volta to lay down a vocal for one of them.

He said he’s got a ton of remixes coming out soon and is also working on some video footage of his tours around the world that he hopes to release soon, featuring footage from sets on every continent there is. Well, except for Antarctica.

But for now, be content with these classic tracks, and stay tuned.

Le Castle Vania – Fuck You (Remix of Cee Lo)

Le Castle Vania – Nobody Gets Out Alive


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