Wolfgang Gartner Talks After A Rockin’ Set In Gainesville

Wolfgang Gartner

Wolfgang GartnerWednesday, November 11, Wolfgang Gartner graced the dancefloor with a righteous set at the Vault in downtown Gville. I first got to see him throw down at Electric Zoo in NYC, back in September, but Wednesday afforded me the lucky chance to see him in a more intimate setting.

At close to midnight, Gartner took the stage. The set was great and the crowd loved it, never knowing how close the show had come to complete disaster.

“My bags got lost (before the show) that had all of my music in them so I didn’t have any of my music,” Gartner said in an interview after the set. “I had to buy a bunch of blank CDs. I had to burn 30 CDs, like, randomly off my laptop. That’s what I was playing in there, whatever I had.”

The set was heavy with hard eletro and some old favorites. Maybe in hindsight we were lucky Gartner lost his tracks, because we were blessed with an interesting and eclectic mix. Right in the beginning, around the 3rd song or so, he dropped Mr. Oizo’s new collab with Gaspard Auge of Justice, Rubber, and I pretty much lost my mind.

Of course, the dancefloor went bizzonkers to Animal Rights, Gartner’s recent release he mixed up with heavy-hitter Deadmau5. Wolfgang said it was great getting the chance to work with him on the track in person, which he greatly prefers to working with others over the internet, and said it was truly a collaborative effort.

“I wrote certain melodies, he wrote the bassline, most of the drums, I wrote the little guitar mouth-sounding bleep things in there,” he said. “It really was, all in all if you look at it, straight down the middle as far as a collaboration.”

A highlight for me that night was when the music took a dip and the old familiar intro to Genesis, from Justice, rang through the building. Yellow lights flashed everywhere, lighting the smokey clouds that hung over our heads, and I screamed my brains out. A sweet remix of Dizzee Rascal’s Stop Dat came shortly after, as well as old favorite Where’s Your Head At?

I think we got a unique set here in Gainesville, and we owe it all to his poor mix-up.

“It worked out alright,” he said. “It wasn’t ideally what I would have liked to play but for what happened it ended up working really well.”

But enough about old shit, it’s the new shit we’ve got to keep our eyes on, and luckily for us listeners there’s a new Wolfgang album coming out soon. It’s about halfway finished right now and he promises fans of his latest singles they will be happy with what they hear.

[box] “I think my most recent stuff is kind of an indication of what the album will sound like. Like Illmerica, Undertaker, Animal Rights,” he said. “Hopefully the album will be that … and more, the evolution of that. Basically it’s my same sound, all dance tracks … I’m not doing any slow, experimental stuff. I think it would be fun but I don’t think anybody wants to hear it and I wouldn’t be able to play what I make anyway.”[/box]

And of course, after the release of his new album there will be a tour. Wolfgang said he’s been content with the way things have been so far, spending the majority of his time in the studio and heading out for gigs on the weekends, but in the first few months of next year he’ll be on a whirlwind tour once again. That’s good for the rest of us, but Gartner said the hectic schedule can get to him.

“You have to be the party,” he said. “This is everyone’s big night out and for me it’s like, I’m just trying to make it through the night.” It’s a noble sacrifice.

To wrap things up, I asked the man on everyone’s playlists to let us in on some of the artists he watches most closely.

“Congo Rock is always the first person that I say, he’s the best right now.”

And it seems that Wolfgang is feeling up-and-comer Skrillex as well.

“He’s really impressive,” he said. “The mastering, the music, everything. It’s not something I can play but every time I hear one of his tracks I’m like, how the fuck did he do that?”

“But as far as stuff that I play, SonicC,” he said. “Him and DJEdjotronic from France.”

So there you have it. Wolfgang bangs out to SonicC, can totally deal with disaster, hates constant touring but does it for the fans, and is set to release a new album in the next couple months. Make sure you see him in 2k11 and show him some love, but take it easy on the guy, he’s only human.