Third Twin is Daft Punk (Electro Expose)

Daft Punk circa Tron Legacy

Daft Punk circa Tron LegacyThe Tron Legacy soundtrack is probably one of the most anticipated soundtracks of all time. There have been about 15,789,427 leaks since we found out electro-heros Daft Punk were assigned the project.

One of those leaks, a collection of tracks originally named after scenes and clips of the film, sounded suspiciously like the obvious follow-up to their Alive 2007 set, but was quickly dismissed by Disney HQ as a fake.

However, fans of DP weren’t quick to buy that line. Conspiracy theories about the tracks being authentic yet “rejected” started circulating the web, and then Third Twin happened.

Third Twin is a mysterious duo claiming the tracks on myspace and youtube, who didn’t seem to want any formal recognition for their stellar sounds or be pictured. Where did they come from? Why were they biting DP so hard? How come they never released anything before and then suddenly are, like, amazing?

Then the “real” Tron soundtrack leaked, and I hungrily ate it up, only to discover that the first track from Third Twin’s “fake” soundtrack is THE SAME SONG as one of the middle songs from Disney’s official release, End of Line.

Interestingly, the “Third Twin” track in question is not represented by Third Twin online. In no way have they claimed it as their own. It was released in the original leak and that’s it.

Luckily, we downloaded that shit as soon as it hit servers and saved it, and here it is.

Click here to download official track.

Click here to download track.

Still not convinced? Here are some other reasons to believe us when we say Third Twin is Daft Punk.

  • Daft Punk are usually quick to dispel unfounded rumors about their work (see their fake show in China) yet they haven’t said one word about the Third Twin conspiracy.
  • Third Twin’s album is titled “Homemade.” What other debut album does that sound like?
  • The guy posting Third Twin videos on youtube goes by AlexDaft26. (The fake soundtrack was first leaked on July 26)
  • AlexDaft26 is the only user to have uploaded both the original leak and Third Twin, including this Scene 3 track. (Video below)
  • Six of Third Twin’s top friends on myspace are Daft Punk.


Jordan contributed to the reporting of this article.


  1. Awesome article:) Tron will rock!

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  3. Third Twin ISN’T Daft Punk. Those tracks you have are not even related to The Third Twin. The song is a remix by Cydra of “Out of Line” (known by everyone as Tron Legacy theme) when the song was first exposed at Comic Con 2009.


  5. Douglas asshole you and disney: fuck you
    dont let they cheat us with their money.
    look for Outlands extended and see why Disney censore Daft Punk.

  6. The video labeled as Scene 3 is actually Cydra Luv’s remix of “Tron Legacy Theme” which can be viewed here: . Note the date – July 27, 2009. The proper song title “End of Line” wasn’t known until a couple days ago. The song was first heard at Comic Con 2009 – . Note the date once again – July 23, 2009. The Third Twin is obviously fake and the account AlexDaft26 is even more obviously spreading fake rumors.

  7. I just find it funny how ppl jump and shout at every little song that is released thinking it’s daft punk when indeed it’s not…the third twin is def. NOT DAFT PUNK…

    that “outlands” track is a fake….u honestly think disney would remove tracks by daft punk from the film? daft punk as been workign on the soundtrack for over 2 years…

    u bit-brains need to do your research before you go all over the internet with these stupid conspiracy theories

  8. f#$k all you ppl yall crazy who cares its ok though it is daft punks why because i said so so go eat din din with your mommypooo and suck a tomatoe through a straw into your nose and listen to it again and tell me if you feel the same

  9. so how does the rest of the third twin songs match up to the tron leak anyways? Do more sluethin, also, yes maybe this is just a case mistaken agency. It smells like daft punk must be dp..Alas I heard dp was a cover for super secret cia porn brothers the “Double Penetrators”, and they really are aliens for ur anus.

  10. I used to be Daft Punk before I succumbed to drugs. I was raised as a feral child on electrofunknotenchnotronpaedophiliacageriatricafunk. I developed a split alien personality that inhabited a pimple on my shoulder that caused my technopuberty and allowed me to cry biotears and it eventually did my math homework for me. So take my word for it that Daft Punk will step forward and do the right thing.

  11. ttt is daft punk

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  13. watch “euphoria” and “the nightmare” videos,the third twin is daft punk!

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