JeRK At DuB It Down In Tallanasty

DuB it Down logo

DuB it Down logoA few weeks ago in October, our own JeRK had the exciting experience of playing a dub-step set in Tallahassee for the nascent dub-luv night DuB it Down. It’s at Chubby’s nightclub and features different DJs dubbin’ it out weekly, each Thursday.

The party was legit. JeRK followed a set by Tally-local DJs Ben Danner and Mustache Florida, and there was a sweet VJ projection running on the wall behind the booth throughout. Imagine .gifs of Super Mario 1-upping Peach’s fruity-parts weaved into and out of colorful moving fractals. Like tripping through 4chan.

Ima say it, JeRK was a bit sketched at first, not being a guy who usually spins dub-step for two hours at a time. But he was a soldier and did like a DJ is supposed to; his research. He did a right murderous job that night, and luckily, someone caught parts of it on video.

Here it is, a little comp-vid of the show, set to one of JeRK’s surprise jamz of the evening. Let’s thank Laine Kelly for shooting and editing the thing, it looks awesome. Check out his other stuff, hire him or something. But most of all, enjoy.


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