ATTACK:Decay Are Back For The End Of Summer

Attack Decay at Big and Hearty

AttackDecay at Big and HeartyHere’s the newest mix from our boys ATTACK:Decay, out of Charlotte, N.C. We love these guys because they always deliver (listen to their last mix here) and with this new set, it’s no different. It’s 50 minutes of grimy, wompy fun for the whole family. It’s assaultively catchy, a nice little something to bang to as we rush into fall.

This summer was a good one. We had the chance to catch these guys live all over the place, even went up to see how they do in their hometown.

They recently played a set at Big and Hearty Music Festival, Friday, September 3 at the Alachua County Fairgrounds. These guys melted face in the A.N.D. tent. In fact, they banged it out ’till the gas ran out in the generator, but it was only a temporary hiccup.

Jordan said it was funny, the momentary lull in the mayhem. She said the moment lead to a sort of mental survey-taking of the situation by all the partiers. Imagine dancing to beats so dirty you damn near go into spasms, and then “oh, hi dancefloor buddies.”

“Does anyone have a cigarette?”


So here’s the newest from these kids, you can get in on the magic, too. We look forward to more from ATTACK:Decay as the year goes on.

AttackDecay-2010-summer-mix by KatSaysKill

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