Team Jaguar Summer Tour Mix

DJ Mannes of Team Jaguar

DJ Mannes of Team JaguarLast Week, I had the pleasure of following Team Jaguar on their Florida Summer Tour. The tour was filled with plenty of raging, successful and failed after-parties, and 10 hours on a Greyhound bus.

Team Jaguar was originally a collaboration of two DJ’s, Chris Manley, a.k.a. DJ Mannes, and Andrea Grant, a.k.a. Steve Lurkel. DJ Mannes was spinning solo for this tour, but still under the name Team Jaguar. Team Jaguar is also a large part of our blog friend, Penned Madness.

His first night started at Crush, the hottest party in Orlando, which happens every Monday night at Back Booth. I didn’t make it down to Orlando, but I did meet up with him in my home town of Fort Myers, Fl.

It was the one-year anniversary of the Indigo Room’s weekly Tuesday party, Mixtape. A hot-ass electro party is not what I’d expect to find in Fort Myers, but thanks to DJ Mannes and the folks over at Mixtape, I found exactly that! An after-party was announced over the mic following Team Jaguar’s set, and it was promised to be crazier than I’d seen anywhere else. I was excited, but I didn’t let myself forget where I was. Sure enough, 15 minutes into the party, a rookie cop shows up and makes off with over an ounce of weed. No one was arrested or ticketed, but that was pretty much the end of that “beyond your wildest dreams” after-party. What did I expect?

The next day, we all made the drive from Fort Myers to Tampa for what I expected to be one of the best nights of the tour. The hip kids in this state have most likely heard about how crazy Pulp can get, Ybor City’s party at Czar Bar. DJ Mannes killed it of course, opening his set up with Quad City DJ’s “Space Jam.” No one left dry, whether that was sweat or vodka’s fault, I am not sure. The night ended up in a Hilton hot tub, although I don’t think anyone had booked a room. DJ Mannes spoke in excitement for the rest of the tour, but anxious as well because he still had no solid plans for a ride from West Palm Beach to Tallahassee.

I had to skip out on Team Jaguar’s stop in West Palm Beach at Respectable Street for their party, Flaunt. I’m pretty sure I had gone out every night in the two months before that. Girl needed a break, okay? DJ Mannes was praised for his set that night, despite his delirium from lack of sleep. It was the following day that proved to be a challenge.

It was Friday, July 23rd, and Team Jaguar was supposed to be making a hometown stop in Tally for Menace Beach at the Engine Room. Manley still didn’t have a ride there from West Palm. So what do we do in these situations, folks? We get a Greyhound ticket. I know I’ve been there. Although it takes fucking forever, and your busmates are ultra sketchy, you still get there. You gotta love reliability. Manley described his Greyhound experience as “a great summer romp. A roller coaster ride for the whole family.”

So, we’ll say that DJ Mannes arrived fashionably late to his own night. It was no problem because Gainesville’s own DJ Vi was bringing the muthafuckin house down at Menace Beach. A huge Gainesville crew drove up for the party, including our favorite WP editor, Kat Bein! This caravan was armed with silly string, glow sticks, and a lot of Four Loco. When I say a lot, I mean enough to leave your cat bloody, your pants missing, and all of your friends mad at you. The place got crazy and I could tell that Tally is very proud of Team Jaguar and Menace Beach. Gainesville also approves, and made that known the following night.

Saturday, July 24th marked the end of Team Jaguar’s summer tour, and there was no better place to end it than the wildest party in this whole fucking state, Neon Liger! Gainesville has proved time and time again that it knows how to party, but we didn’t mind doing it again at Spannk for the conclusion of this tour. We shook our keys, and our bootays all night for DJ Mannes, because after all, we’re neighbors and football beef doesn’t apply to dirty bass baby!

Manley definitely had a good time.

“The best part (of the tour) would be truly knowing how many friends I have across this state that are more than willing to lend me a hand with rides or a place to stay and who are oh so supportive.”

Team Jaguar FL Summer Tour Mix :]

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