China’s Car Straddling Electric Bus

China's car-straddling bus

China may be about to blow the lid-off of green public transit, or maybe I should say the under-carriage.

In their most recent display of ingenuity, they’re attempting to kill two birds with one stone: traffic jams and carbon emissions. Their response is the straddling bus, a double-decker missing it’s bottom half, creating a tunnel for cars on the road. It runs on a combination of municipal and solar power, emitting 0% toxic gas into the atmosphere. It’s estimated to save 860 tons of fuel and 2,640 tons of carbon emissions.

The bus would be equipped with sensors to alert drivers when they are coming too near the side of the tunnel, or trucks that are too large to pass underneath, so they may change lanes.  The buses are tall enough to allow cars passage, and short enough to make it under highway underpasses.

According to, the buses can seat 1,200 to 1,400 people. One of the cutest features is a huge skylight “that will eliminate riders sense of depression.”

Beijing’s Mentougou District has already planned 186 km of road reconstruction to accommodate the straddling bus, and construction is set to begin at the end of the year.

Now if only America could be so groundbreaking…


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