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Spoek Mathambo still from Gwababa video

Sometimes, music just isn’t enough. That visual element adds so much. It can take a mediocre tune and make it amazing. So for your visual pleasure and brain stimulation, here are some cool videos featuring some other-worldly shit. First one up is out from MadDecent‘s new talent J WoW (of Buraka Son Sistema). Video reminds me of the Pon’ de Floor Video, but no daggering or Tim/Eric infusion. I feel severely uncomfortable, yet at ease, because the track bangs so hard.  Check it out, and definitely go grab this one.

Next one up is SPOEK MATHAMBO who hail from South Africa. Nothing too special going on with the track or the video, but together it just looks like it would be a hell of a good time to party with them. Tin foil hats are back in now anyhow.

Last but not least is a cool edit of the now popular DCup & Yolanda Be Cool track. This is not the original video but a clever re-edit with the song. Very nicely done:


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