Sam Is Queen Of DIY


SamLadies, quit contemplating a trip to your local mall and listen to me. If you want an original and absolutely inspiring look, then you should make it yourself. There is no way in hell you can avoid looking like someone else if you shop at a store that  produces/sells more than one of each item.

What you can do is start imagining and creating a look that is all you, created by you. Learn to sew if you don’t know how already, because not only will you look exactly how you want, but it’s a walking fucking expression of your own creafuckingtivity!

The fashion messiahs we all pray to for the magic they just spray out like bodily fluid got started with a sewing machine and their own endless potential. If you don’t feel up to all of the time and effort, I understand, but this post is dedicated to all of you DIY’ers!

This girl’s name is Samantha Salley, and she encapsulates everything I just said. She makes it herself, or she finds it and alters it to be everything she wants. She sews, cuts, dyes and rips anything that doesn’t already express who she is.

I had her put together a sample of her everyday looks, and guarantee that anything on her body was either created by her out of thin air, or she used her imagination to make it something better.

She is a truly inspiring individual when it comes to expressing oneself through fashion. My advice, as well as hers, is to get out there and start thinking with an editing eye. Make it yourself; change it, rip it up, dye it magenta, I don’t care, but avoid being a banner for a mass brand that even my simple-fashioned father can identify. GET TO IT!

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