Tom Whalen’s Retro, Re-imagined Movie Posters

Creature From The Black Lagoon

Vintage, quirky and incredibly fun, Tom Whalen has taken some of your favorite movies and characters and stripped them down to three or four colors. Why are they looking to the left? What the fuck’s going on over there? I don’t know, but I love the symmetry and style.

It’s all defiantly retro, but very bold and dynamic with modern sensibilities. Colors smash through each other to deliver powerful, simple images that grab the eye. The left hand portrait thing is a novel approach that makes ad executives cream their pants because it leads people to reading the message, in this case the movie titles.

Whalen definitely has skills. Much of his work now is what I would consider geek-chic, the kind of art you might see on the walls of a freshman dorm room. I can’t wait to see where his style develops. Tom Whalen- someone to keep an eye on.

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