Terror Dactel


Terror DactelWe met Will, a.k.a. Terror Dactel in Miami at WMC (yes another producer at WMC, say it aint so!) Right off the bat, I knew we would get along as our convo turned to production, frequencies and studio gear. Us sound junkies can talk about that crap for hours.

His Dutch-influenced drums  and unique vocal cuts completely transform Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance, which you can download below for free. My personal favorite is his new release Int3rnet which is out on iTunes. It’s a catchy lil’ tune stuck all in my brain! Definitely go get that one! Last track is a boom with the drop to back it up. BANGER!

He is based out of NY, and currently has a few releases out on Subdrive Records. One to surely watch out for! This guy has some killer tunes! Definitely support this dude, cause we sure do … and buy these bangers below.

Lady Gaga – Bad Romance [Terror Dactel Remix]


Holmes Ives & Lane McCray – Boom [Terror Dactel Remix]

aka Joel Richard Kienitz, is the co-founder of Fresh Wet Paint. He currently lives in Chicago and works in marketing and music. Soundcloud page

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