We Love DCup



Some amazing summer tunes for you all, courtesy of DCup out of Sydney, Australia. His sound definitely represents the Australian funky flavor, but he adds an other worldly element that just makes his tunes and mash-ups pop. Quickly becoming one my favorite producers, you are sure to hear a tune or two in the upcoming promo mix. Definitely be on the look out for this guy.

No doubt if a US tour pops up, Wet Paint will be in attendance.

And I had to post his bio from his myspace cause well, it’s awesome.

[box] “I used to be in a mariachi band, one day the maracas player broke his wrist and I said to the guys “hey, ive got this roland 808 thing at home, maybe that would do the job?” Reluctant to replace Sergio with a little box, we had no other choice, the gig had to go on. After a few songs, the band members actually started to enjoy the sounds of the drum machine. When the function got into the later hours, I decided to put down my guitar and started jamming on the 808 like it was birthday cake. Pretty soon I had a turned a wedding into a warehouse techno party; the bride came up to me and said “I love you, man” so all was good. After that success with the drum machine I new I could ditch my other jobs as a male escort and a pamphleteer, the discotheque was calling!”[/box]

Check out his soundcloud for tons more eargasms like this mix: http://soundcloud.com/dcupmusic

aka Joel Richard Kienitz, is the co-founder of Fresh Wet Paint. He currently lives in Chicago and works in marketing and music. Soundcloud page

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