We Meet With Trouble & Bass At Winter Music Conference

Fresh Wet Paint

 This WMC, you couldn’t walk more than twenty feet before running into the Trouble and Bass logo, whether on someone’s back, as a shirt, or stuck to a fire hydrant or light pole. And there’s good reason; they kick ass.

Fresh Wet Paint

We saw a few of the crew smash Club Cinema as part of the Penned Madness Party line-up. They killed the place proper with their wobbly-bass sound. Your girl Kat near lost her mind when they dropped Can Blaster’s Chicken Run.

We caught up with some of the crew, Aaron and Vivian, a.k.a AC Slater and Star Eyes, at the AM Only/Undocumented One , OneNight Only party, Friday.(Join our Facebook group to see more photos) They took the time to show us what they were working with.

“I like the feel of vinyl,” said Star Eyes, who started playing Drum & Bass records on vinyl years ago and now uses Serato.

This was her seventh or eighth year playing WMC, and she said the jump from D&B to electro house wasn’t too much of a stretch.

Fresh Wet Paint @ WMC

“I learned my lessons,” said Aaron, who was in Miami for his second WMC, “and now I’m here, with all my new findings in full effect.”

Used to partying in New York, the two were getting ready to bless Miami with their own Trouble and Bass event at White Room, Saturday. It seemed everyone we ran into was going.

“When we were born we were partying,” Aaron said, and who better to throw one of the heaviest bangers to top off the WMC week right.

Of course, their work reflects their never-sleep attitude. Their live sets bring the dead to life and their tracks demand a full dance-floor, nothing less.

“Parties are my natural habitat,” said Vivian, the endangered party-animal.

Just in case you missed them at WMC, here is your chance to download easily one of the hottest mixes of the year.

Latest Release From Star Eyes: 


Latest Release From AC Slater

Heavy Tune!

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