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Oh my, it’s Sunday, and I’ve once again rejected getting up at 7:00 a.m. to visit my local church.  Whatever is my eternal soul going to do?

[box]As penance for being a lackluster devotee, I’d like to at least give some of my attention to Jesus on Sundays. I want him to know I care. Let him know I’m looking out for him, too. That’s why I’m starting a regular post, starting with this one, called This Sunday in Christian Kitsch.[/box]

Does Jesus know how much bullshit has his face and image on it? I think I’d be pissed if someone took a really horrific incident in my life and used it to sell fucking coat hangers.

Fresh Wet Paint - Always Fresh-N-Sticky

“But they come in a rainbow of colors…”


Yeah, well so do poison arrow frogs. And while nature has kindly given the arrow frogs the ability to numb your body and mind with a deadly nerve toxin, mankind spends its time and energy doing it to themselves by making tacky shit like this.


Fresh Wet Paint - Always Fresh-N-Sticky

The Power of The Lord Is In My Veins!


Now look at what we’ve gone and done. Disappointment over our blasphemous capitalism have driven Jesus to steal another man’s drugs by changing his arm into the junkie man’s arm while he’s booting up.  Is that cocaine, a gun and blackjack on the table? Jesus, how long are you going to hang around with this guy? There’s a human skull on a table right next to you. Get your life together man.

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  1. I don’t think Jesus will come back until we stop wearing crosses. Do you think Jesus EVER wants to see a CROSS again?

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