Dancing Robot Music

Dancing Robot Music

Dancing Robot MusicEvery now and again, I come across something new and shiny, and I feel it’s just special.  I try to pass those along to all of you because, hey, that’s what I’m here for.  These guys are still virtually unknown here in the states, but I’m hoping to change that.

Dancing Robot Music is a crew out of southeast London. I heard them just perusing mixes on Soundcloud. They got a vibrant, wonky, heavy-electro sound I really enjoy.

These dude throw a party called 3d Elektro RAVE, which encompasses ” 3D Anaglyph Visuals and a free pair of 3D glasses to rave.”  I included a video demo below, but you need 3d glasses to get the full effect.  A trip across the pond may be in order to check that out, ’cause that just sounds too be good to be true.

They also do a very nice job on the production work handling Hot Chip’ s “I Feel Better,” wobbling it out with stabby strings and old school arped-out synths. Really nice tune.  Good for an early part of the night. We also bring you a sweet remix of Example’s “Won’t go quietly.” Definitely check them and the mixes out, they are all free to download. Show some support!

I Feel Better (Dancing Robot Music remix) – Hot Chip

Won’t go quietly (Dancing Robot Music remix) – Example

Jan and February Mixtapes

Youtube vids of their 3d show and them crushing at the club.

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