Coral Proves Risks Make The World Of Fashion

Coral in Gainesville

Coral in GainesvilleSo this may be the style equivalent of a one night stand, but I will say this: Fashion is all about balls, or actually ovaries in this case.

If you’re not taking a risk when you get dressed, then all you’re doing is putting on clothes, and that is fucking boring.

[box] There is nothing boring about our girl Coral here. I imagine when she was getting ready that night, she might have been aiming for a look that says, “If you venture under these bed sheets, I’m going to devour you whole, young man.”[/box]

She’s scary like an exotic plant that might drain your body of fluids and leave the rest of you feeling very insecure, but this girl has no fear, and I like that.

Here’s some inspiration for all of you bitches who think wearing a whore dress from Forever21 is taking a risk. The bitches below WORK IT. Whether or not they look fucking crazy, they sure as hell tried.

Just remember: there is no fashion without risk.

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