Nick Cave’s Amazing Soundsuits

Nick Cave Soundsuit

Nick Cave with SoundsuitI don’t profess to know a lot about fashion, but I do know being cloaked head to toe with a pelt of dyed human hair is fucking swagger. It really assaults the senses on so many levels, and leaves me wondering when the fuck human hair is going to go vogue. I swear to god I hope we’re all wearing this kind of kooky bullshit in the future, I really do.

The suits are works of art by Chicago artist Nick Cave (not to be confused with the Australian musician) whose work is currently showing at the Fowler Museum. Cave makes art that fuses found objects with fashion into what he calls “soundsuits.”

Performers dance, shake, rattle and emit noises while inside the suits to create an interactive feel simultaneously creepy and primal. It’s a bit like watching the urban dance phenomenon “clowning” while washing your eyeballs with LSD.

Cave has actually been touring the country for quite a while doing performance exhibits, but here at Fresh Wet Paint, we think it’s our duty to cover the past to make way for the future.

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