Gainesville Beware, Assassins Astir

Gainesville Beware, Assassins Astir

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For the next two weeks, the streets of Gainesville are at war.

The Agency is up and running and Winter Assassin 2010 has begun. Since Sunday at midnight through March 6th, a random group of strangers and friends are hunting each other down in the hopes of winning a pot to which they each gave $5.

This is the fourth run of Assassin by Gainesville Street Wars, a game which originated in New York City and is played in various places around the United States, and whose participants buy-in to a 24-hour street game of hide-and-seek meets Super Soaker melee. The game runs a few times a year, and this round’s pot is the biggest yet.

The Rules:

[box]The rules are simple. Each assassin is given a number and a dossier with the picture and information of another player. Their mission, should they choose to accept it, is to hunt and shoot their target down with water guns, water balloons, any sort of water-projecting receptacle, thus killing and knocking them out of the game.

The victor then inherits the target of their kill and the process continues. But one must also be vigilant, because some other assassin is coming for you.

Anyone who wishes to play simply has to e-mail the Agency a recent photograph of themselves, their address, work schedule, some hang-out spots and some unique identifying features, say a tattoo or a car model. The next step is to pay the registration fee, which this round was $5. [/box]

 This becomes the pot.

Et viola! You are now a registered assassin.

Break Yo Self Fool

This round’s first blood has already been spilled, with Agent 017 taking the lead and eliminating Agent 002, whose identity was revealed after his death.

The kills are all reported by the Agency, a.k.a. Andy Lievertz, the man behind the curtain. Lievertz organizes the whole sha-bang, keeping track of the players, their targets and their assassinations, as well as the money. Surprisingly, he doesn’t keep any of it for himself.


This is Lievertz’s second turn as the Agency. The original Agency was Daniella Otálora, but she has since left Gainesville to explore the four corners of the world, and Lievertz, having enjoyed playing the game, took up the baton.


Lievertz encourages assassins to work together in pacts, gathering intel on each other’s targets and staging traps.

You develop a healthy sense of paranoia as the game goes on. You carry a water pistol hidden in your jean pocket every time you leave the house. You walk through the parking lot just a little bit faster. You start to realize that car is following you.

[box] This is the time to get out your inner ninja, your secret spy side. Although you can’t spray your targets while their on the clock, there’s no rule that says you can’t post it up outside their class or job and get them as soon as they step out the door. Stop by their haunts from time to time, ride your bike through their neighborhood, watch for them downtown, at the library, on campus.[/box]

The game is better the more you put into it. Run stake-outs and drive-bys, get creative with your weapons, make disguises, google targets, hire friends as spies, ask around, trust no one, shoot to kill and stay dry.

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